Neuromuscular Reeducationsm Seminars in the UK

The Best Soft-Tissue Technique You'll Ever Learn

Upcoming Event: 3rd-5th March 2017, Abingdon

Neuromuscular Reeducationsm (NMR) is a stand-alone hands-on technique for the evaluation and functional treatment of over 90% of the soft tissue injuries you will see in practice. At the seminar, you will learn to use NMRsm in your practice so that you can heal patients faster, charge more for your skills, and significantly increase your practice.

At the seminar, you'll learn how to:

  • Get patients better, faster... and have them singing your praises
  • Develop your soft tissue skills to the highest level of proficiency
  • Treat soft-tissue injuries with confidence and ease
  • Functionally evaluate soft-tissue problems
  • Manage patients and their expectations

UK Diary and Seminar Details

The term "registered practitioner" applies to any fully-qualified chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist or massage therapist.

Shoulder Seminar

Manchester & London

An introductory one-day seminar exploring the functional assessment and treatment of painful shoulders.

  • Tuesday 28th February 2017 (Manchester)
  • Tuesday 7th March 2017 (London)

Full Price: £195.00

Student Price: £125.00

CPD Hours: 8

Level I Seminar


Entry level seminar suitable for practitioners with no experience in NMR, or for those who have attended the one-day shoulder seminar. At Level I we cover the neck, back, shoulders, hips/buttocks, hamstrings and knees.

  • Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th March 2017 (Abingdon)
  • Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th June 2017 (Venue TBC)

Practitioner Price: £395.00

Student Price: £195.00

CPD Hours: 20

Level II Seminar

Venue TBC

Level II is suitable for anyone who has completed Level I. At Level II we cover the arms, elbows, wrists, hands, legs, ankles and feet.

  • Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th June 2017

Practitioner Price: £395.00

Student Price: £195.00

CPD Hours: 17

Sophie Carrdus, McTimoney Chiropractor UK

"I attended the Level 1 NMR course in London 2011, I thought my anatomy knowledge was ok, but as a result of this course, it's now great, it really made me brush up on the detail, so useful. It was a packed schedule, not one minute wasted. Dr Levy is a generous and confidence-inspiring teacher, by the end of the course you really do have a new skill to use in your clinic.

As a technique, it feels thorough, detailed, and gives great results, usually straight away. People love it, come back to get worked on over and over, as what was their "bad" side becomes better than their "good" side! then they pass my cards on to their friends and family. As a practitioner it has been amazing to find something that makes a big difference very quickly, & am enjoying work even more."

What is NMRsm?

Neuromuscular Reeducationsm is a stand-alone hands-on technique for the evaluation and functional treatment of over 90% of the soft tissue injuries you will see in practice. If you want to learn more, visit the NMRsm page.

Karyn Clark, Evergreen Chiropractic

"Dr. Peter Levy is an excellent lecturer. His knowledge and passion for Neuromuscular Reeducation is second to none. Having undertaken many continuing development course's that don't deliver, Peter's course is truly superb. Hands on practical skills along side a wealth of knowledge. His course gives practitioners the skills to implement their training with him easily within their daily practice. His passion is contagious, all of our course attendees are looking forward to him returning to the UK in the New Year to continue their training in NMR.

I can't recommend Peter's NMR course highly enough to all Chiropractor's and body workers, interested in soft tissue work. I look forward to working more with Peter in the future."

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the seminar?

Maximum of 20 enrollees. This is an intense, hands-on seminar so we keep the numbers low to ensure that you get plenty of individual attention and can learn how to perform these techniques like a pro. A minimum of 10 registered participants are required to schedule seminar

Do you have a guarantee?

If you can’t generate the cost of the seminar within 30 days of being proficient, following Dr. Levy’s simple marketing technique, you can take the seminar again at no charge.

How many CPD hours do I get?

Level 1 is accredited for 20 hours and Level 2 for 17 hours of Continuing Professional Development for Chiropractors, so you can complete all your annual CPD hours in two weekends. If you have a different license, please check with your regulatory body.

How do I book?

You can book online here or call Judith Townshend on 07894 545783 for more information.

A 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation. This deposit is transferable, but non-refundable. The balance is due 3 weeks prior to seminar start date. Any bookings made within 4 weeks of the seminar date will be charged in full at the time of booking.

If cancellation is made less than 7 days before the seminar, 50% of the registration fee will be charged. A credit equal to 50% of the registration fee paid will be applied toward another seminar in the following twelve months, after which time the credit will become null and void. 

NOTE: The Center for Neuromuscular Reeducation does not assume responsibility of any kind whatsoever in the event a seminar is cancelled due to events beyond its control. The seminar will be rescheduled and no refunds will be issued.

Bernard Musselman, RN, CSCS, DC, CCSP, Long Beach, CA

"One of the reasons I took this seminar was to get worked on myself. I have to say that after he worked on my right shoulder with the NMR he teaches in the class he was able to take away a positive apprehension test and make the shoulder feel like it was never injured (and it was dislocated more than 100 times). The feeling but more importantly the functioning of the shoulder complex was nothing short of phenomenal! Dr. Levy takes you in 15 minutes where most Doctors won't take you in 15 visits. His understanding of the body and how it functions, how to break up adhesions, and “re-educate” the body to perform optimally is well worth the seminar fee. His session for the shoulder in particular is undervalued... no Doctor has ever done what he can do and hopefully teach you to the 15 minute protocol. Invest in this most worthwhile seminar."

Do I need to bring anything on the day?

You will need to bring a portable treatment bench (low, narrow chiropractic benches are perfect), and hand towel and a bath towel along with buckets of enthusiasm. Full details of what you need to bring and learn prior to the seminar will be emailed to you when you register.

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Free Online Shoulder Tutorial

Learn how to treat stiff and painful shoulders using NMR with these online videos. Click here for more information.

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