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I’d like to tell you a story about a client. For confidentiality purposes, I’m going to call him John (not his real name). John started coming to me for treatment for shoulder pain years ago, way before I’d started specialising in treating shoulders. I used all the techniques that I had available to me at the time, and whilst there were small improvements for a few days, the pain soon came back. Eventually, he quit his job because of the pain. He kept in touch with me, and came for the occasional treatment to ease his symptoms.

A few months ago, I sent out an email to my list offering a free consultation for anyone suffering with shoulder pain – and he applied! I felt very confused – after all, he knew that I’d tried everything on his shoulder and it hadn’t helped, so why did he want to come back and see me again? The day of the consultation came, and I didn’t know what I could offer him that was any different to the treatment that had so far only given symptomatic relief. When he was updating me about his condition, he told me that he had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. If you don’t know what that is, it’s an exhausting, painful condition, one of the symptoms of which is widespread muscle pain and fatigue. Something prompted me to offer him a four-day Reiki treatment. He had never had Reiki before, but at this point had tried so many other things which hadn’t worked, he was willing to give anything a go.

A four-day Reiki treatment does, as the name suggest, span over four days. A full Reiki treatment, every day, for four days. John had his first treatment, and felt very relaxed by the end of it. The next morning however, I had a phone call from him saying he felt very unwell and didn’t think he could go through with the treatment. I advised him, if possible, to come for the treatment. Reiki stirs up all sorts of things in the healing process, and this sounded exactly like a healing crisis. He felt ill through his second and third treatment, but after the fourth treatment, he said the pain was a lot better, and that he felt “purged”. For a few weeks, he had much more energy than he had experienced for quite some time, and on the whole felt much better. In John’s case, he still needed more Reiki, and comes for a “top-up” every month or so.

For many people, a four-day Reiki treatment is a profound and healing experience. I want you to experience the power of Reiki. I also get that you might be a bit sceptical about this elusive healing art – what is it, after all? Well, there are hundreds of books, blogs and articles about Reiki, but the best (some might say the only) way to really know Reiki is to experience it. This is why I want to offer you something very special. Until the end of September, I am offering 20 people the chance to come for a 25 minute taster treatment, for only £20. If you’ve wanted to experience Reiki, but have been putting off having a full treatment for any reason, this an ideal opportunity to find out what it’s all about.

So now I have a question for you. Are you open minded enough to take me up on this offer of a short taster treatment? Give me a call on 07894 545 783 to book your place.




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