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There are many reasons why most of us don't like hospitals or doctors' clinics. Most of our discomfort of these and other similar  places are because of the environment in which we find ourselves. These places need to be sterile, functional and serviceable but, as a consequence, we are not endeared towards them. A dislike for that kind of environment can effect the outcomes of some types of treatment or consultation received there. A part of the success of any healing process can be the ability to feel good or positive  about it and the starting point for this can often be the subconscious perception of the surrounding space.

Our environment heavily influences our mood, our emotions and our responses. Simple things such as light, sound, colour, heat and humidity all effect our feelings and whether we like or dislike where we are at that given moment in time. This will also influence our perceived memories of the places we have been or the experiences we've had, consequentially contributing to either or positive, neutral or negative perception.

In short, the elements within our environment are extremely important to us for our well-being, happiness and satisfaction.  Balancing those elements to find the equilibrium can be essential to achieving optimum, positive outcomes for our objectives.


When I moved my practice, a lot of thought and care went into the design of my treatment room. It's not simply a functional space where treatment can be given. It's a spacious room which balances the available area with enough furniture to be practical. It uses as much natural light as possible without compromising the need for discretion. There is a balance of colour which helps make the environment clinical and clean yet joyful and inspiring.


The room has central heating and windows for ventilation so a comfortable temperature can be maintained all year round. Air-conditioning is also available during times of necessity. The positions of other objects like the pictures and mirrors have been calculated for best aesthetics more pleasing to the eye and the mind.

Another way of looking at all of this is that the wrong environment can compromise the success of our objectives, no matter how good the methods are to achieve the aims.

It's important to me that patients feel comfortable and calm from arrival through to departure; that their treatment takes place somewhere relaxing and enjoyable so the healing process and experience are as good as can possibly be obtained.

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